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Spanking for Domestic Discipline F/F , M/F ; Grown woman spanking

Most women at one point have been spanked. It can be discipline spanking or spanking as a play.
Spanking for discipline, when admistered under the right circmstances, is regarded as a corrective and effective punishment for any adult woman. 

People oftenly ask me how? Or why a grown woman needs to be given some spanking for discipline. They are also quick to point out that its abuse, BUT I will say its never abuse.

This is why..

- Submissiveness is ingrained in every woman's brain.

Important things to note about submissiveness

a) For every woman the level of submissiveness varies

b) Every woman conceals and reveals it to the right person at the right time. Women know how to do
c) For women, being controlled in the right way is a form of submissiveness

For any punishments to be effective and acceptable by the receipient there needs to be the following.

- Love. A woman needs to feel loved before, during and after punishment. OR If thats not the case then the Law enforces the punishment.

- a form of admiration and royalty to the Master.
- she needs to have had a hint of type of punishments. minimize suprises.
- some fear of the consequences
- For spanking, the  dynamics involved are as follows

Discipline spanking involves inflicting pain to the receipients buttocks. That part of the body is an intimate part especially for women.

Every punishment needs to start and end with some form of acceptance. If it does not go that way it is highly likely its abuse.

So when a woman spanks a daughter, the daughter has no shame to hide, the love and trust overshadows the shame of nudity and pain takes its course. Tears are a form of acceptance to correction and at the same time a clear way of showing submissiveness. 

When the receipient is young, hand spanking might be important to create a connection and show some love.

Also to note are the following

- love is mostly mutual for woman to daughter relationship
- mostly the daughter has admiration for the mother.
- she will have fear based on the tone and previous experience that ended painfully
- she knows her butt pays the price.

For adult women spanking adult women or adult men spanking adult women, the dynamics are a bit different. The love and trust is coveyed mostly in the talks and gestures. By talks I mean talking to a woman before means alot. The tone and mood you set will determine the success of the next step.

You need to give a tough talk. At the same time Let her know she is loved; statements like

'Hey sweetie, I will not accept that behavior', 'You know I love you, but thats wrong!'.

- There should be genuine love between the women or couple. 

- You should emotionally connect with your partner.
- The woman to be punished needs to have a relationship where she has admiration and respect for the punisher
- You should exact fear. Fear is usually through actions such as the tone, threats like, 'This calls for punishment'
- She needs to know spanking can be used. How do you ensure she knows this? statements like 
a) 'you need some butt whooping',
b) 'they normally use this (the belt) in prisons for such behavior',
c) 'you deserve some spanking' or 
d) even actions such as holding the belt during hard talks may prepare her.

The response she gives from the above actions guides alot on the next step.

If she is repentant, then execution of punishment should proceed, you should spank her.

If she is defensive, listen to her argument and ensure you also explain clearly. Then proceed to award
the punishment.

When the law enforces punishment it overides most of the explained items.

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