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Spanked in Jail

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I got hold of this great story narrated by some guy.

(Author): Some years ago, a girlfriend of mine did time in the county jail and, after her release, told me she had been spanked by a female guard while incarcerated! This was a tremendous turn on for me and, eventually, I persuaded her to put it in writing. I have it to this day (still turns me on!), so I pass along "Lauren's jail spanking" and hope you enjoy it as much as I have (note that the first several paragraphs contained personal information and have been omitted). The story begins after Lauren has reported to the jail to begin serving a 30 day sentence for civil disobedience...


(Lauren's text):...then came the dreaded strip search. I was taken into a small supply room used to strip search incoming females. A lady guard escorted me in, removed my handcuffs and told me to take off all my clothes and put them on the table. "Everything comes off," she commanded when I got down to my panties. As I slid down this last vestige of my pride, I noticed that the matron -- an attractive officer named "Martin" - was sneaking looks at me. She was all business in her regulation guard uniform, but seemed understanding. Since I was completely naked in her presence, however, I was too nervous and confused to hope she might have like actually like me.

"You're so petite," said Officer Martin - and then seemed a bit taken back by this lapse in her professional demeanor. "Hands over your head," she ordered, regaining a commanding attitude. As she checked over my hair, ears and mouth, it occurred to me she might be a lesbian and could possibly be enjoying this close proximity to my naked body. I had never been with a lesbian, but a faintly erotic feeling started to well up "down there" and I wanted to believe she might protect me while I was locked up. The idea of being in jail was scary and having Officer Martin like me enough to protect me was somewhere among my confused and jumbled thoughts. Anyway, the strip search continued and, as I was lifting each of my breasts, I joked "they're pretty small; hard to hide anything under them." This got a fleeting grin from Officer Martin who nevertheless asked me to turn around and take a wide stance.

It's really humiliating to have to spread your buttocks open and let a stranger shine a flashlight up and down your bottom and genital openings -- but being asked to separate your labia is really the pits. Officer Martin didn't miss a thing! After I raised each of my feet and spread my toes, I was told to stand and turn around. She told me I looked clean enough (I had scrubbed with extra diligence that morning before reporting to jail) and that, for me, she would skip the shower and delousing procedure reserved for more odious prisoners.

Next I was issued jail issue clothing -- three pairs of ugly white panties and bras, three pairs of white socks, flip flops and two grey jail shifts, size small, with "INMATE" on the back. I was also given the plastic baggie I had been instructed to bring with my toothbrush, etc. While I was dressing in this convict attire, Officer Martin was examining my street clothes and began making idle conversation. "Your chart said you're going to be staying with us for thirty days -- something about civil disobedience."

I told her I been arrested in a demonstration and had thrown something at a police officer. A really stupid mistake.

Officer Martin looked at me grinning and said "you don't really need to be locked up, you just need a good spanking." I thought she might be joking and agreed that a spanking would be a lot better than jail. She couldn't know that I had harbored fantasies about being spanked ever since, some years back, I provoked a summer camp counselor into punishing me. That spanking was probably against camp policy (she had yanked my pants and panties down out in the woods and given me a few swats with her hand on my bare bottom) but I never told anyone about it because, frankly, it left me with strange, erotic feelings. I've masturbated remembering the incident many times. So thinking about Officer Martin's offhand remark about my needing a spanking got me a bit "squishy" at night lying in my cell bunk.

Jail was horrible -- hot (it was summer), overcrowded and all hard surfaces. You could never get comfortable and we were continuously locked up in the "pen" area to which our cells opened. Each cell was for two women sharing one toilet -- but on weekends there were at least three of us in each cell -- one sleeping on a mat on the floor. The shower was in a corner of the pen area (they only turned the water on twice a day for an hour) and I imagine most men would love to have been a fly on the wall in that jail. You saw women of all shapes and sizes, behind bars, in varying states of undress, using the toilets, often wearing only underwear and sometimes completely naked as they waited to take a shower. The guards were kept busy badgering inmates to cover themselves -- especially when maintenance men were on the floor. Most of the women had been in jail before and had long since dropped any pretense of modesty. Always a bit of a "preppie," I tried to keep a neat appearance in my jail shift, even if it was ill fitting and uncomfortable. Officer Martin told me she liked that fact I maintained my appearance and several times complimented my looks. I began to suspect she had a little crush on me, so I was quick to smile and flirt when in her presence. On several occasions we joked about my needing a spanking. After about a week of this budding friendship, however, I began to catch some sharp comments from the other inmates who seemed to think I was becoming her pet -- and even the other guards were harder on me.

When a large "butch" inmate started shoving me around one afternoon, guards rushed in and pushed us both to the floor where we were handcuffed. We were then escorted to solitary cells to be "cooled off."

Locked in a small (10' x 15') single inmate cell, I was instructed to disrobe completely and hand my things through the bars to the guard. Apparently being stark naked in a cell was part of the cooling off process. I sat on my bare mattress without a stitch of clothing on and wondered how much more humiliating jail could be for a female. The guards assigned to the segregation cells kept a constant watch, making even masturbation impossible. There was nothing to do but lie on my bunk with my legs open. It might seem hard to believe that I would openly expose my pussy this way, but, with all dignity gone, I was left with the insane notion that if the women guards here were lesbians, they might as well enjoy seeing my nude body. I took it as a sign I had gone completely mad.

I was naked for an entire restless night, but when morning came, Officer Martin was there. Just her presence made me feel modest again and I tried to cover up as she beckoned me to the bars. Speaking in a low voice she said chided "you ARE a bad girl!"

"I didn't start it," I said, "and added, "why am I here? I didn't do anything!" "The guards felt you were in danger," said Officer Martin in a kindly voice, "so you're here as a precaution. But I think I can make this work to your advantage..."

She had my attention.

"I'm pretty sure I can get you released early for your own safety," she said.

"That would be wonderful" I replied, starting to get excited, "I can't thank you enough!"

"But," she grinned, "you still need to be punished - got any ideas on that?"

I smiled shyly, playing the roll. "Maybe I could get someone to spank me," I said coyly. Do you know anyone who could do that?"

"We'll see," said Officer Martin, still grinning as she departed.

Right after that things got better as one of the guards brought me a hospital-style gown and rubber sandals. And later that day that Karen (Officer Martin's first name) returned to check me out of the segregation area.

Still wearing only a thin gown, Karen escorted me to a supply room filled with towels and inmate apparel. "This room should do nicely," she said, and took a seat on the only chair in the room. "Now my dear, take off that gown and slip out of those sandals."

In my ten days or so in jail, I had been strip searched three or four times, so, by now, I didn't worry too much about being naked in front of a uniformed officer while she looked me over. It just had to be viewed as part of the whole "jail-punishment" thing. And, anyway, this was Karen, so it was starting to feel more like disrobing for someone who might appreciate my slender body than stripping for a jail guard.

"Time for that spanking," she said simply, adding "I thought this room would be perfect."

Then her expression grew severe as she said "I'm taking this seriously and I expect you to, as well. At the end of the day, I'm a police officer, and when you try to harm one of us, you try to harm all of us. Now, I've arranged for your release this afternoon, but I owe it to the force to be sure you really are punished -- so this will hurt, but I expect you to take it and thank me when I'm done."

Her words were sobering, especially the part about "this will hurt." But, before I could say anything, she commanded me over her knees. Wiping the smile off my face I said "thank you ma'am," and assumed the classic position with my naked butt facing the door.

And then came something I absolutely did not expect. Picking up her walkie-talky, she pressed a key and said simply, "okay, you can come in now."

Twisting around I saw, to my astonishment, two of the day-shift guards entering the room.

Officer Martin said "I've invited Officers Bening and Catliff to witness your punishment. They will testify that this never happened. And they'll see for themselves that you are not getting off easy."

I couldn't believe it! It felt like betrayal. I was being whipped like a little girl in front of these grim looking jail matrons. This was a "for real" spanking and I was in for it!

"Spread your legs and keep your butt up," commanded Officer Martin. Angrily, I complied -- perhaps a little too forcefully. "Watch it!," commanded Officer Martin sternly, and the punishment began.

Using her bare hand, she began delivering painful spanks across both buttocks cheeks in rapid succession -- and she was really putting muscle into the job! My bottom was quickly lit on fire and I cried out in pain while trying to wiggle out from under her hot hand. But she held me tight and continued raining punishment across my rump. Within a very short time I no longer cared if the other women were watching or that my lady parts were openly on display -- I was sobbing uncontrollably from the sheer pain of the spanking I was getting.

I must have twisted out of position because Officer Martin paused, gripped my pussy with her spanking hand and raised me back into position -- butt up and legs spread. Then she went back to work blistering my bare bottom.

It seemed like the spanking would never end! Although I would later to see the experience as erotic, at the time, it was sheer blinding, unbearable pain. Although I've been "recreationally" spanked since, I would never want to undergo pain at that level again. The relentless smacking of my unprotected bottom continued and was not lessened in the least by my begging and pleading for it to stop.

With one final flourish, however -- the hardest smacks yet received and which left me screaming in agony -- the punishment was finally over. I knew (or at least hoped!) the ordeal had ended when Officer Martin ordered me to stand up. Painfully, I stood facing away from the witnesses and tearfully rubbed my flame-red bottom. Officer Martin told me to face the lady guards and apologize. I wasn't sure what I was apologizing for, but I turned around and, staring down at my bare feet (I remember my toes were splayed on the tile floor) said I was really sorry. The guards only smirked at my naked humiliation and one of them said I was lucky SHE didn't spank me.

After they left, Officer Martin became "Karen" again. Smiling tenderly she said "don't be angry...they threatened to filed a complaint about your early release. It could have cost me my job and you would have stayed in jail. I made them promise not to if you were punished to their satisfaction. Now please come here we me," she said, indicating her lap.

Reluctantly I complied, sitting completely naked with my bottom still throbbing. Her lips now close to mine, Karen said "will you give me a little kiss to show me I'm forgiven?"

I've never kissed a woman full on the lips before, but my breathing was getting shallow and I knew my pussy was moist, and jail changes your perspective on things, so I relented. I kissed her hesitantly at first, but then with more passion. Her lips were so soft and, after a little kissing, it seemed perfectly natural when our tongues touched and we penetrated each others mouths. I knew her warm saliva was mixed with mine and, although it had seemed a little weird at first, it was more than a little erotic now. And feeling my nipples against her starched uniform was really sexy! I'm sure I surprised us both by reaching for her hand and pulling it down to my swampy pussy. She rubbed my sex and penetrated my vagina while we continued our wet kisses.

Spreading my legs, I moaned as her fingers manipulated my sex with wonderful dexterity -- knowing just where to touch. I've read somewhere that physical punishment releases hormones in a person -- that men caned in Malaysia masturbate like monkeys hours after the punishment. That must have been the case because I'm usually slow to climax, but within only a few amazing minutes, Karen had my orgasms exploding into her spanking hand as I went crazy with ecstasy! After it was over, I nuzzled against her, catching my breath, and thanked her for punishing me. And I really meant it!

Author: I will end this narrative here, but suffice it to say Lauren was released within a few hours of the incident described above. The reader will no doubt want to know what became of Lauren and Karen, but the answer is somewhat disappointing. They saw each other socially for a time but Lauren, not a natural lesbian, was less of a "girlfriend" than Karen wanted and, eventually, nothing came of their relationship -- although they were still friends when I was seeing Lauren (whom I haven't heard from in some years now).

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I've collected a number of spanking stories over the years and would be happy to share others if there is any interest among the members of this board. Thanks, and...

The End.

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