Sunday, 25 January 2015

How many lashes with belt should she get?

I realized my 19 year old has been missing college classes and ending up in bars.
Should it be on her thighs or buttocks?


  1. Her backside. That is always the best place to voice your opinion regarding her spending more time at a bar than with the books.

  2. Backside AND thighs of course. It should last art least 10 minutes with her counting the licks. This should maximize learning reinforcement... Repeat at regular intervals until lesson is learned

  3. At least 19, maybe 38.

  4. How about 100 hits butt and thigh

  5. a razor strap on both her ass and thighs at least 30!She will be begging at 20

  6. While teaching at a four-year college in the United States, I became aware that more college coeds get spanked than many people realize. This is especially true when young women are freshmen or sophomores living with their parents.

    Most of the time, these spankings seem to be administrated much as they were when the girls were in high school. Thus, whatever got the young lady's attention when she was in high school, will probably get her attention when she is in college.

    According to my wife, who had to take a couple of spankings from her parents when she was in college, having to present one's bare bottom for disciplining at that age is less about the pain than it is about the embarrassment.

  7. 40-50 severe strokes w/thick leather belt

    1. She deserves a sound thrashing,throwing away the chance of a good education and job! I would make her remove her jeans and panties and bend down , feet well apart and administer at least 25 stookes with a thick leather belt to bring her to her senses and to get studying, before it is too late! She should be told a repeat punishment will be harder and longer!KY