Saturday, 22 February 2014

I Was Spanked In My Teen Years


Not long after my 17th birthday and I had received a car of my own, I took my brother Josh for a ride to the mall. I was so excited to have the car that I was even happy to give him the ride. He was not quite 10 years old at the time.

We had split up once we got there. I had clothes I wanted to buy and friends to meet. He wanted to play video games and do his own things.  We made plans to meet-up at a time and place to go home.

He did not meet me at the time and place.  I waited for him but he never arrived.  I looked in the arcade; no Josh.  I looked in the food court; not there.  I was scared something had happened to him.  I went to the security office to ask for help; that is where I found him.  My little brother had been shoplifting.

Of course, I had to act like the angry sister.  In the back of my head I was thinking that I had done the same when I was his age.  But, I did not want him to know that I was not really angry.  I really did not want him doing it again.

He had refused to give his name to the mall cop.  They were about to call the police when I arrived.  I learned that he had stolen a package of candy that cost about $5.  I identified him.  Paid for the candy and promised to take responsibility for him.  Neither the store nor the mall cops really wanted to have him arrested.  Things worked out well.

After they released him with the instruction to stay out of the mall for 60 days, I took him to the car where we had a heart to heart discussion.  I knew he was in for a severe spanking if I told the folks.  I asked why he stole the candy when I knew that he had money.  He said that he had spent too much playing video games.  OK, he goofed in managing his money; typical.

He promised me that he would never steal again if I did not tell on him.  He said he would pay me back the $5 and I could keep the candy.  I agreed to accept the money but not the candy; unless, he wanted to offer me a piece.  I finally agreed that I would not tell on him but he would owe me big.  If I needed him to wash the dishes when it was my turn and wanted to go out; he would.  If I wanted a similar courtesy for something else, he would without question.  It was case closed in my mind.

I was never caught when I had been shoplifting years earlier.  My friend had been caught and that was enough to scare me straight.  She had to go to court and then did community service in addition to whatever her parents did to punish her; she would not tell me how she had been punished.  I could guess.

Josh paid me back the following week.  I had not yet extracted the favor but was contemplating what he would be doing.  A letter arrived in the mail from the mall management; addressed to the "parents of" my brother."  The letter had been opened by mom and she left it on the table in the foyer; I happened to see it which is exactly what she had intended.

Not only was Josh in deep trouble, so was I.  The letter included an incident report of the "crime."  It said what he had stolen, retail value, and my name as "responsible party taking custody."

I immediately went to mom and confessed my role in protecting Josh; I figured that was the only way I could save my behind.  She made clear that she was angry at both of us.  She said that I told a lie of "omission" which in this case was as serious as if I had lied to her face.  She asked what would have happened if she had taken Josh to the mall as she did not know that he had a 2 month trespass warning.  I admitted not thinking it through.  She said that she had called my dad and discussed how to punish both of us,  Josh was to be spanked.  I was to be treated as the liar I was; that meant the paddle.  She also told me that my dad had additional punishment in mind for me,  She told me to go to my room.

I did as I was told.  I figured that the only chance at mercy was to prepare for the paddling.  I took off my shoes, socks, and jeans; I was left with just blouse and panties.  I washed off my make-up; knowing that I did not want it running with my tears,  I also took off my eyeglasses; filled with tears never was a good idea.  I sat down on my bed and waited for mom and the inevitable.

I wondered what Daddy had in mind,  It was not unusual for me to be punished by both of them when I did something really bad.  Since it was lying, that is the biggest sin in my family.  I wondered if Josh was also going to be paddled or would he get the sandal; I had never heard that theft was a paddling offense, but, it would have been honor code matter if at school.  As far as I knew the paddling offenses were lying and cheating in school; it was a family joke that it was also homicide, armed robbery, and arson.  To my knowledge, Josh had never been paddled.  I had been twice and my sister had been paddled 4 or 5 times at this point in time.

My question about Josh was quickly answered as I could hear him crying and the distinct sound of leather on bare flesh.  I did not even know he was home; he must have been in his room and I did not notice.  I guess Mom dealt with him first.

I could hear that she was through spanking Josh as the walls were thin.  I then heard her footsteps coming to my room.  Unlike Daddy, she never knocked before coming in to spank me; this was no exception.  She had the vicious paddle in her hands.

Like she had done 2 times previous, she had me bend over the bed.  All I could do was apologize as I did as I was told.  She pulled down my panties to my below my knees.  She then took her first swing at my exposed bottom.  It felt like I had been struck by lightning.  With her left hand, she pressed on my back as she took her next swing.  I was crying, screaming, and kicking my legs.  The swats continued and continued and continued.  With my level of distress, I could not count the swats.  I kept my eyes closed as that somehow made it easier.  Finally the swats stopped and I was uncomfortably numb in my breech.  Mom left and I cried.

As I did after every spanking, I looked in the mirror to see the damage:  swollen, red, and purple bullseyes forming.  I rubbed my behind as feeling was returning and the feeling was pain.  I took a shower; it usually help me feel better after a spanking.  When I got out of the shower, I looked again to find that my behind was not as red but the purple bruises looked nasty.

I put on some sweats; loosest clothing I had.  I stayed in my room as I did not want to see anyone yet.

Josh knocked on my door and I let him in.  He said he was sorry for getting me in trouble,  I gave him a hug.  I still was not mad at him; I was just mad at myself.  I sent him away after a few minutes explaining I wanted to be alone.

I must have fallen asleep as next thing I knew it was hours later and Daddy was knocking on my door.  We had one of our heart to heart chats which involved lots of tears on my part.  The talk ended with his telling me that I had been spanked enough over this matter and he had a different punishment in mind; something worse than a spanking.  He took my car keys for 2 months.