Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rules of Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment vary with different ages especially with women. For major offenses , corporal punishment is a solution and  policewomen have applied it depending on various things including age. Such things to be considered include

12- 16 Year Old

Girls have only started developing. Punishment should never cause permanent scars but it should be painful and across her covered or nude buttocks. Humiliation should be used at this stage and and most preferable the girls should be made to lay flat across the table or bed with no skirts but with covered bottoms.

Ensure the legs are together and apply the strokes across her buttocks uniformly and consistently. Ensure she is not tied but she should be warned not to try shield her buttocks. Before you commence the punishment, ensure you stipulate the number of strokes she is to receive and apply the stipulated strokes with no mercy even as she starts to cry. If need arises ensure you hold her tight till the end of punishment. Ensure the number of strokes awarded will break her and always keep communication while awarding the punishments.

The punishments I witness was for a 16 year old who had stolen from a super market. She was told to lay across the settee with only knickers covering her pert bottom. She was sentenced to 15 sharp strokes and the woman owner was to award the punishment. The silently agreed to apply force on the strokes to ensure by the eighth stroke, she is in tears and repentant. The first strokes were characterized by the whistling and thwack as the strap connected with her buttocks. She tried to take the strokes silently and all hell broke lose by the fifth strokes where she broke down and pleaded for forgiveness but no mercy was shown. All 15 strokes were awarded and she never repeated the offense again.

With such a punishment, no permanent damage is caused to her rear but a clear message is sent across to the young lady. Such behavior is not entertained. Their buttocks, mostly are very soft and therefore punishment is never mated in the nude plus stripping her might affect her in a bad way psychologically.

Even if a young lady seems and looks mature , the punishment rules should always be followed and she should never be punished like a an adult because it might cause more damage than correction.

Punishment should be mated by an older person

17 - 21 year old

This is the stage where corporal punishment is awarded so that to try change the lady before she acquires behaviors that are hard to change. Thus punishment should be very strict and harsh. It is preferable that before awarding the sentence, the young lady should be talked to and shown sense and reason why and what she did is wrong. After the talk, she should be beaten or whipped depending on whichever you prefer

For corporal punishments, these ladies should be preferably stripped nude in the confines of a private room. Then depending on the number of strokes awarded (minimum 10 strokes),  she should be whipped. A thin strap is recommended and a cane discourage. A cane may cause permanent scars which is not recommended. Apply maximum force. It is only advisable to whip her buttocks but some parents prefer whipping the ladies everywhere till they are in tears.

If strokes are applied properly by the 6th stroke, most young ladies are in tears. so ensure the sentence is around 20 strokes so that she pleads and learns that what she has done is never encouraged.

 Apply the strokes evenly across her buttocks. If the sentence involves a lot of strokes, you might want to spread most of the strokes to the lower buttocks. Always ensure they hold their legs together so that if they have to bend for punishment, the strap should never hit the sensitive areas.

Punishment should be mated by and older person

Probably the story 'Made To Take Her Punishment' depicts this group

21 - 29 year old

At this age, we are dealing with young women who are mostly fully developed. Punishment is more or less like for a 17 - 21 year old. The only difference is that the punishment conforms to judicial ones. the target is strictly the bare buttocks. A whippy cane can be used. Strokes should be fewer but more lethal. The victim should be tied to make the punishment efficient.

A larger cane might be used cause in many cases at this age the ladies have larger and fleshy behinds. The punisher does not have to be older but should be an adult. It is common to see a 22 year old plump woman whipping a 28 year old to tears in some prisons or een at homes.

30 - 42 year old

These are mature women who have clearly refused to transform. Punishment is judicial like and should be severe. Limit the strokes to 12 extremely severe ones. Target should be across the lower butt. on the bare. spread the lashes across that area. A whippy rattan is effective enough. Always talk to the offender and explain to her the reason to her punishment. Punishment can be awarded when she is fully nude or on tight pants. The instrument ensures it is effective both ways.

A guard in a woman's prison said it is usually an effective punishment. No offender wants to come back.

I once saw such a punishment awarded and from the look of things it was severe. Two middle aged women of around 35 had been brought in. They were handcuffed and from the look of things they had been fighting. They still were hurling abuses at each other. One had tight jeans and a large ass. The policewoman booked them in and after half an hour their fate had been sealed. The would be awarded 2 strokes each and 2 weeks community service. I was on research in that local prison and I was given the honor to witness the punishment. 

The policewoman smiled when I asked her if I had to stay as they stripped. She told me we don't need to strip them. She had some whip that had been made using cow hide. It was thin and heavy. The first woman was cuffed and told to lie across some table. The policewoman went to the side and lifted the whip and 'Thwick' it landed with a sharp noise across the lower part of the huge buttocks. The woman was shocked at the intense pain. She tensed up and gritted her teeth, breathing in heavily. The officer waited for 15 seconds. It was enough time for the suffering woman to start crying. Then came the other final stroke that made the woman scream. She was lifted from the low table and escorted out in tears. 

The other woman who was slimmer followed suit and lay across the table. She had small buttocks and before the punishment began she already had tears in her eyes. The first stroke made her scream and she clenched her buttocks. She broke down. the final stroke was also brutal and I felt for her small ass which If it was offered more strokes am sure it would be a different story to tell.

"Such punishment is severe and works" the policewoman told me as she pat my ass.