Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Corporal Punishment for Maids & Madam

Maureen , a 31 year old maid confessed and said she is still whipped.
"Madam Sheila normally prefers corporal punishment for my misdeeds and the rest of the maids", she said.
In the household, Sheila is normally alone with all the maids during the week since the husband only comes in the weekend. "She is very strict and prefers the horse whip because she thinks we are old and our 'large behinds', as she refers to can only feel the pain under the whip. "After corporal punishments, you are supposed to only wear jeans to avoid visitors from seeing bruises on our behinds"

"Sheila is only 26 years and recently married John who is a wealthy business man", said Maureen.

She said despite the corporal punishments, she cannot quit because she gets a lot of money.
Madam Sheila stays at home all day and is mostly naked waist down. Maureen still doesn't understand why she does that.

Madam Sheila is also whipped by the husband

Also madam Sheila is whipped like anyone else and in front of every one when she does wrong.

There are normally harsh strokes that leave her in tears


  1. I am very pleased that Madam Sheila is whipped on her bare bottom, by her husband, for being naughty. I hope a dozen lashes of the whip befall her naked rear end.

  2. I also hope she is stripped nude and told to touch her toes as she whipped!