Friday, 24 May 2013

Letter from a distressed parent

I just came across a letter from a woman regarding the punishment of her adolescent daughter
One week ago I confronted my 17 year old daughter regarding some unused condoms I had found hidden under her mattress. I wanted to know exactly if she was having sex and with who. I wouldn't want her to give her heart to those untrustworthy boyfriends. Also there is too much risk of having sex at that age. Like I asked her, what would she do if by any chance she became pregnant? I was soo angry. To add to the insult, she became agitated, pushed me away and banged the door. That really made me really really angry. I rushed to my room and took one of my belts and went back to her room and opened her door with one of the spare keys. She had forgotten I am the custodian of those keys. 

I caught her off guard and requested her to lay on her stomach across her bed and if she did not do so I would report her to her father when he came back in a few weeks.  I had resorted to give her six lashes across her jeans and an additional six later that evening. I awarded the strokes with moderate force not wanting to cause injury. There was no reaction from her. After the punishment she stood up and gave me the look telling me "That didn't hurt even a bit"

I remember being whipped when I was 2o, and the strokes from my mother's belt were really painful.
So I was wondering, am I awarding the strokes in the right manner? I needed her to react and even cry.  I her ass big such that the belt cannot make impact? she is 33 on her hips.
Kindly recommend the best way to punish her.

Maria, A 45 year old house wife

Janet 32 year old accountant. 
Why did you award the punishment with moderate force? That cannot make an impact on that equally large bottom. Put full force on the strokes. Also get something else other than the belt. A horse whip or something..

Emma, 42 year old mother
Cal me on this number *************. and give me 10 minutes with your daughter, she will come out of that room in tears and reformed!!

James, Supermarket attendant

Can't you strip her before applying the strokes?? I mean those lashes cant hurt a fly especially if applied across jeans and on such a mature ass.

Liz; 28 year old  teacher
Maria, I think you need to be whipped too so that you are reminded on how punishment should be awarded. First of all ensure you make her strip all her clothes. Get a horse whip or birch like Janet said. Then whip the shit out of her. Let her scream and cry. That never killed anyone.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Birching at the woods

 I remember clearly, when I was 22, I stole my mother's car to go visit my boyfriend. On  my way back , as i was overtaking a huge truck suddenly swayed to my side and due to panic, I turned and got off the road  while trying to apply emergency brakes. The sad bit is that I hit a tree.

The car got to be fixed but my mother was so angry. One day she summoned me to the sitting room where I met two of her friends. She reminded me of the incident and told me that they had concluded i be birched. She wouldn't do it her self, but her taller friend, Priscilla, would administer the punishment since she had alot of experience working in a training camp.

We went to the woods and can you believe it, I had to drop my jeans and drawers like an eleven year old!! Up to these date I feel humiliation just thinking about it. I remember crying silently as she slowly applied the six strokes. I pleaded with her before the fourth stroke. I could feel each weal throb independently. She reminded me that I was not too old to be whipped. After the six strokes, she hugged me and assisted to pull my jeans.

"Last week I had to whip a 34 year old woman. I gave her 12 sharp strokes as requested by a certain association which had found her guilty. So don't think you are too old to be whipped" said Priscilla.
 "The only difference between you and the woman is the size of you behind. But both of you are errant ladies".

We walked back to the sitting room. I had a tear or two as I met mother and the other lady who am sure knew what the punishment had entailed. I will never forget that day

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Should a wife be nude for spanking

Most of the wives in DD are required to take off all their clothes for spanking. It makes her feel vulnerable. When a wife has to be nude for spanking in private with her husband as the witness, she should not feel humiliated but should realize that it is meant to have a humbling effect on her. If a wife while she is nude receives scolding or is given lecture before a spanking, then it is a bit easier for her to feel sorry for her actions and have a feeling of the spanking that is coming.

However, not all wives are required to be nude for spanking. Some wives are not required to take off their shirts or blouse or tops they are wearing. Only they have their skirts lifted up and pants along with panties pulled down for spanking. If a couple realizes that there might be erotic feelings if the wife is nude for spanking then it would be a good idea not make her nude. She could keep on wearing other garments after baring her bottom for spanking. Covering the bottom with skirt, pants, panties etc must be avoided because they would give a layer of protection during spanking and would reduce its effectiveness. Also if the bottom is covered during spanking then the husband might not be able to see the state of the bottom and might end up in bruising it beyond acceptable limits. If her husband can't see what he is doing, he can't know what he is doing. Even if the wife is not nude for her spanking her bottom must be bare.

Spanking for Discipline, Stress Release and Erotic Satisfaction: Young Girl Gets Judicial Strapping

Spanking for Discipline, Stress Release and Erotic Satisfaction: Young Girl Gets Judicial Strapping

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lesson Well Learnt (F/FF, FF/F)

The tight jeans I loved wearing.
I was 24 years old and I remember I had just finished college. My attitude about life had all changed and wasn't really positive about anything. I had quite a number of breakups and I cared less about relationships. In fact I was jealous of my friends who seemed to have relationships that worked. I hardly listened to my parents at all. My mother would tell me to get focused and get a job but I had nothing of that. The only time I was actually compelled to listen to my parents was when I was 16 and that is because I would be whipped with a belt. But now I was old.
The things that really mattered to me were drinking sprees which we would end up drinking until we blacked out! During those sessions me and my friend Anne, loved to wear extremely tight jeans that exposed our shapely behinds. It acted as magnets to boys. Some would always smack us on the dance floor playfully and we loved it. Actually we competed secretly to see who would have the most smacks and win

So one day on a Saturday morning, Anne called me and told me to rash to her house which was a few blocks from my place. She had hot news. When I arrived she could not hold the information. I was soon to realize that one of our 'close' friend called Susan had taken pictures of us in the dance floor with certain boys doing things that I cannot mention. And to make it worse, those pictures were circulating on Facebook. I could not hold my anger and I could not think rationally.

Somehow we decided we would teach that bitch a lesson. She never leaved very far and to cut the long story short, that afternoon we called her at Ann's place. It didn't take long before we ambushed her with our belts. We beat her senselessly. She couldn't run since we had locked the main door and we didn't care of her loud pleads since Ann's parents were not around. By the time we were letting her off she was all in tears.

So the next day I went to see a friend and when I came back I found my mother waiting for me with a uniformed policewoman. She never talked much but she told me she had heard what I and Anne had done to Susan and it was her interest that the policewoman escorts me to some local police station. I started freaking out wondering why I had to go to the police station. My mother nodded to the policewoman and left. The policewoman held one of my hands and led me to the waiting police car outside. I wondered why I hadn't noticed the car earlier on.

The police station wasn't far and in 5 minutes we were there. Inside the police station we went to some room and surprisingly Susan was there. She had sat on a wooden block looking sad and seemed to have been crying. The policewoman who was like 35 told me to have a sit. She told Susan to stand and face the wall. "Could you kindly drop you trousers so that She can see how bruised you are" the policewoman asked Susan. And true, she was really bruised. Her butt cheeks had welts turning purple. This is what we had done the previous day and for the first time I felt apologetic. without wasting time the policewoman told me remove my jacket. I was left with very tight pants and some tight t-shirt. I guessed the jacket had been partially covering my bottom.

When I had left in the morning, I had worn the pants with a thong since i was going to see Fred who I had previously met in a club.

So here I was, frightened.We were only the three of us in the room. I remember the policewoman telling me that I should never ever take the law in my hands and that because of what we had done, I should be given a sharp shock and that my mother had agreed to that

She simply told me to lay across the bench. That was unexpected , okey i hadn't thought of how she would punish me but as things turned out, I would be whipped.

I hesitatingly placed my self on the bench. I felt like an 11 year old who was about to be punished. I felt guilty and the first tear drop fell. All i could do is look at Susan and the policewoman with pleading eyes. But they were both unmoved.

"I will give you 8 lashes, then you will be free to leave", said the policewoman
I held the bench as if my life depended on it as I awaited for the thrashing. I had heard of unofficial whipping in the police station but I had never thought I would be a recipient.

Ann was also dragged from her house and made to change into gym pants

The policewoman yielded a thin belt. The thrashing began and it was no joke.
The first stroke landed on the middle of my ass and it was excruciatingly painful. I greeted my teeth hoping the policewoman would hurry up on the other strokes. She paused at every stroke and this was just unbearable. I didn't comprehend how that thin belt stung. My mature butt felt as if it was being stung by bees!! 

By the 4th stroke I involuntarily stood up clutching my ass and massaging while in tears. I pleaded with the officer telling her of how am sorry in between sobs.. I stood behind Susan thinking that she would offer me protection in case the officer decided to attack me.
After a couple of minutes I was back in the bench for the remaining strokes. By the end of the ordeal I had no tears left and for sure I never ever repeated the offense again. I was forced to apologize to Susan. 

Ann underwent the same ordeal. She was forced to change into gym pants for her punishments. and today as we meet we always joke about 'the stinger'. The stinger is the policewoman's belt that we were punished with.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Warden: What she thinks about the Demonstration (F/FF)

Inmates demonstrating against being given raw food and torture by the wardens

She can pass as a 25 year old but Maria who will be turning 29 this year has worked at the female correctional facility for about 7 years now. We had an interview with her regarding an internal prison demonstration. The prisoner were protesting about a couple of things among them harsh treatment by the guards

Maria in blue jeans. She loves jeans anytime
Interviewer: So you have been working for 7 years and that means you joined in when you were 22 years old, thats right? that must have been very young..
Maria at her house watching movies
Maria: Yes its true I was a 22 year old and I didn't know how I would manage to handle the prisoners taking into consideration some of them were hardcore criminals. But I had to cope.

Interviewer: What are the challenges that you faced?

Maria: First of all no inmate could give me respect because of how young i looked.They eve playfully smacked my backside. The worst was when at some point I entered a cell to inspect it and 3 of them surrounded me. I had no backup. One of them forcefully made me bend as the others fingered my asshole. It was humiliating.The skirts we used to were then could prevent nothing of such nature. They were later charged with indecent assault and whipped.
But after undergoing a thorough training  , I learnt how to instill fear in the inmates and how to administer corporal punishment.
Interviewer: Talking about corporal punishment, it is clear from the photo that the inmates are whipped. Tell us more about the whipping..
Maria: if you are sentenced to a number of lashes , 2 days after you are jailed you will be taken to the punishment room, stripped naked and be made lay flat across some bench. Those number of lashes will be administered on your buttocks. It doesn't matter if you have a large, small or slim ass, the lashes are administered full force and I can tell you many women break down in tears and are very remorseful after the ordeal.

Interviewer: So you started whipping inmates at 22?
Maria: I started whipping them at 23. It was scary and I could whip all sorts of women ranging from 21 to 45 year old's. Slim and fat. But from the training I was made to feel nothing as i administered the whipping. 
Interviewer: So why are the prisoners demonstrating?
Maria: The are complaining about two issues. The food they are served is not cooked well & that guards are torturing them.
Interviewer: Do you wardens torture them?
Indecently dressed woman
Maria: Not that I know of but there are some instances where due to national security some inmates have to be interrogated to give us information. The most that can be done to them is having chilli up their bums. It is also effective but I would recommend strapping.
Interviewer: what else would you recommend?
Maria: Probably women found to be indecently dressed need to be sentenced to strapping.

Interviewer: Thank you  for your time I hope in case i find my self in the wrong side of the law you will not whip my ass.
Maria: you got a lovely ass but still I would whip it according to the law; (maria and the 28 year old interviewer laughs)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Corporal Punishment for Maids & Madam

Maureen , a 31 year old maid confessed and said she is still whipped.
"Madam Sheila normally prefers corporal punishment for my misdeeds and the rest of the maids", she said.
In the household, Sheila is normally alone with all the maids during the week since the husband only comes in the weekend. "She is very strict and prefers the horse whip because she thinks we are old and our 'large behinds', as she refers to can only feel the pain under the whip. "After corporal punishments, you are supposed to only wear jeans to avoid visitors from seeing bruises on our behinds"

"Sheila is only 26 years and recently married John who is a wealthy business man", said Maureen.

She said despite the corporal punishments, she cannot quit because she gets a lot of money.
Madam Sheila stays at home all day and is mostly naked waist down. Maureen still doesn't understand why she does that.

Madam Sheila is also whipped by the husband

Also madam Sheila is whipped like anyone else and in front of every one when she does wrong.

There are normally harsh strokes that leave her in tears