Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spanked Wife : Humiliation caused me to cry!!

Some time last year I came home very angry. He was around and I felt that he had taken me for granted. I just realized he had used up my credit card and He hadn't told me. So I shockingly found out that day when I had gone to a local supermarket and I couldn't shop.

I was an enraged woman. I stormed to the sitting room and found him reading the news paper. I forcefully took the paper away from him with my left hand and slapped her with my right hand.

"Fuck You!, You should know better than use my card!!", I screamed.

I then went upstairs and changed into my red night dress. I also removed my panties and headed straight to the kitchen to boil water. My night gown barely covered my ass.

All of a sudden he came to the kitchen and out rightly told me that I should learn how to control my temper. When he approached me, I again tried to slap him but this time round he caught my hand and twisted it.
He shamelessly smacked my behind. I made no noise but I cursed inside and vowed that once I release my self from his grip, I would kill him. I struggled but in vain.

"Smack", another slap landed on my barely covered ass
He paused like 5 seconds and smacked me again. He repeatedly spanked me.
"Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!"

They were not painful as such but the feeling of being humiliated, powerless and not being able to do anything was just crazy. I could feel tears in my eyes as I stopped struggling. It was pointless.


 I now broke down in tears asking him to stop. He had ensured that now even my night dress was not covering my bottom. He put force on the last 3 spanks.

"Stop!!", I yelled.
"I have had enough, am sorry!!"

When he let go, I ran upstairs to our bedroom. I was crying like a baby, not because of pain but mostly because of humiliation.


  1. My husband and I have been together the last 13 years and I am now 36 years old. He spanks me. It is not playful spankings and loving slaps but genuine severe punishment spankings with his belt or other suitable implements that I get. I fear the spankings and I hate the spankings and I have never been turned on by the spankings but at first reluctantly and by now more consciously I accept being spanked by him.
    He spanks me when he disapproves of my behavior and is displeased with my attitude. I guess it is fair to call him a dominant man but he is not a cruel or abusive domestic tyrant. His dominance is always calm and well-considered, caring and responsible.
    I am a different kind of person and can at times be both bitchy and hysterical. I am very much the product of being raised by parents who pampered me and did all they could to never be authority figures.
    Perhaps I not always agree that I deserve it when my husband spanks me but I always at least understand his reason for being displeased with my behavior and me. I am sure that if he did not spank me when my behavior at times become intolerable I would lose all respect for him and become a bitchy and unpleasant nagger.
    The fear of the belt and at times the accomplished walloping with it are the deterrents that keep me from turning in to the hysterical bitch I too easily could become. It ensures the harmony and balance that keep me from ruining my good marriage.
    I have become aware that knowing that I will be spanked when I flip out and bitch makes me more relaxed not only because I fear being spanked but also because it makes me respect my husband as a reliable authority figure who will never let me down.
    I have never discussed this matter with anybody, not even with my husband. We just tacitly agree that at times I need to be spanked.
    I know all the reasons why it is wrong that a husband spanks his wife. When I am together with my friends I sing the same song as they do about equality and no man ever telling me what to do. I live in a country where spanking in general (also as discipline for children) is not only socially unacceptable but actually illegal also illegal and on the rare occasions when the subject comes up in the conversation with friends I raise my voice with the same anti-spanking and feminist clichés as they do. It is totally dishonest of me to react that way but I do it because it is the expected political correct reaction. But I feel ashamed and wonder how many of the other who are as hypocritical as I am.

    1. It is becoming more usual every day for women to be spanked by their men, also because women want men to act like men and not like wimps.Women often feel guilty when they are bitchy or think like that, and a good spanking cleans the slate. Children should not be spanked - but for women who have not learnt to behave spanking is a good thing.

  2. Me too being married for 12 years I admit that we do play at erotic spanking games with my husband ,but sometimes it can turn out hard.First he allways like's to see me wearing a short nylon overall buttoned in the back ,in fact I now have 12 of them in different colors,( wich I like),especialy the crispy nylon sound!+plastic knickers with metal press buttons ,and we have also a long flat ruler about 1 inch large by 24 inches long with wich we spank each other +I had to shave my head being bald,he says that I look cute and sexy,,and when going out ,I put a wig to hide my bald head,but when I do something that he does'nt like,he take's if off my head in front of everybody ,and once home I have to put on my outfit,( nylon overall,plastic knickers ,then goes and come's back with that large and long ruler and really "wacks my ass very hard ,I'm not saying that I don't like our games but since a moment he spanks me very hard,and I've got bruises on me ass now,and when we receive at home to hide my baldness I have to put on a victorian lace cap on my head and keep it on.When we go out on sundays,I have to dress up in my black leather corset with 6 straps with buckles in front and laced in the back with leather suspenders and with hold up suspenders with buckles to hold up my corset and going out in the contry or in the forests he takes along that wooden ruler and i'm once again wacked really hard,Don't you think we have gone too far,or would you like it I really don't know now!I'm not saying once again that I don't like it but since a moment I'm very heavily spanked compared to him,?!

  3. All sounds so good to me. Except for the bald head I would never agree to

  4. Although it initially heightens tensions, being spanked has a long-term calming effect on women. For this reason, spanking remains a viable option despite efforts to eradicate it.

  5. Your story of the first time your husband spanked you proves one thing - If he had stopped after a few swats, you would have hit him again, and it would have continued. When spanking your wife - make sure you continue until she is in tears and has given up fighting. The take care of her afterwards with love and tenderness.