Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spanked Wife : Humiliation caused me to cry!!

Some time last year I came home very angry. He was around and I felt that he had taken me for granted. I just realized he had used up my credit card and He hadn't told me. So I shockingly found out that day when I had gone to a local supermarket and I couldn't shop.

I was an enraged woman. I stormed to the sitting room and found him reading the news paper. I forcefully took the paper away from him with my left hand and slapped her with my right hand.

"Fuck You!, You should know better than use my card!!", I screamed.

I then went upstairs and changed into my red night dress. I also removed my panties and headed straight to the kitchen to boil water. My night gown barely covered my ass.

All of a sudden he came to the kitchen and out rightly told me that I should learn how to control my temper. When he approached me, I again tried to slap him but this time round he caught my hand and twisted it.
He shamelessly smacked my behind. I made no noise but I cursed inside and vowed that once I release my self from his grip, I would kill him. I struggled but in vain.

"Smack", another slap landed on my barely covered ass
He paused like 5 seconds and smacked me again. He repeatedly spanked me.
"Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!"

They were not painful as such but the feeling of being humiliated, powerless and not being able to do anything was just crazy. I could feel tears in my eyes as I stopped struggling. It was pointless.


 I now broke down in tears asking him to stop. He had ensured that now even my night dress was not covering my bottom. He put force on the last 3 spanks.

"Stop!!", I yelled.
"I have had enough, am sorry!!"

When he let go, I ran upstairs to our bedroom. I was crying like a baby, not because of pain but mostly because of humiliation.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Whip

Still punishment can be on her clothed buttocks but with a whip

The whip is lethal and leaves marks. She was whipped by a gang after she talked rudely to them. She had her jeans on and still cried like a baby. For such stories, buy our eBook by sending a PayPal amount of $2.99 to