Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Prison Department

A new prison department in charge of the country's female prison institutions, has been formed and will begin its mandate immediately. It replaces the old prison department which has proved to be ineffective over time.

One of the main things that will drastically change is how corporal punishment is administered. Previously women were sentenced and flogged on their backs with a thin crop. They lay face down on a bench while stripped only on their bare backs. a prison warden who would be a man or woman, would then lightly whip the woman on her back. The whipping left light marks and  was not painful. It was more of symbolic.
The commission found that this kind of punishment did not deter the offenders from committing crimes

New System
The new department now provides for lower discipline to be administered to inmates. A much thicker crop will be used to administer the whipping. A maximum of 10 lashes can be administered. The inmate should not be more than 35 years of age. Maximum force will be used while administering the punishment. Only a female warden can administer the punishment.

"by lower punishment we mean across the bare buttocks. This will deter any female prisoner from repeating a crime or it may provide for an offender to reduce her sentence by 3 years", said the new Prison Chief Officer, Priscilla Lodit. "A Prisoner can now choose to receive strokes as a replacement of the first 3 years prison term sentence, This means if a prisoner is sentenced to 5 years, she can choose to receive a flogging and then serve just 2 years in prison"

The 40 year old prison chief said that the new department will improve the prisoners living conditions by building newer and better cells. Also the quality of food served to prisoners will improve. She was optimistic of an excellent institution come the first 3 years.

"I also thank all concerned parties for giving me this opportunity and task to transform our female prison department. Any questions please? kindly ask. before you ask say your name and age?" Said Priscilla facing the large crowd of women journalists.

Female Journalist 1: My name is Martha and am 32. I wanted to ask, will the whipping be painful and will it leave scares?
Pricilla: as i said earlier, the main purpose of the whipping is to cause pain and as a result deter the prisoner from committing the crime again. So, Yes! It will be painful and should leave light marks that are not permanent. But also important, a doctor should be around to monitor the whipping.

Female Journalist 2:My name is Florence am 36. Will the prisoner be secured before the punishment  is administered?

Priscilla: Yes, they will be secured unlike the previous punishments. You do realize it will be painful and we don't wont the offender to try block the strokes with their hands or run amok.

Female Journalist 3? I am Anne and I am 31 years of age. Will prisoners be completely stripped. and don't you think 35 is too old for a spanking punishment?
Priicilla: Yes , completely on the nude. 42 years is not old. I am 40,and from experience i can tell you that previously where i was,a training camp for women, corporal punishment was limited to women not over 40 years. I received a dozen when I was 38, and despite the tears and a bruised backside, i can tell you that it was effective. No woman would want her ass hit again and so they obey the laws.

Thank you for attending the meeting. see you another time


A polling survey was undertaken and 69%

of females said they prefered the new department and had full  
confidence in it. When one was asked regarding the corporal  
punishment she said they deserved the whopping.

A week later, Lydia, a 29 year old woman charged with bribery, received the new corporal punishment in the confines of some local women prison. Sources say it was a tearful ordeal.

Suspension Of Department

After 2 years, the department was suspended after numerous complains. some of the complains were that the whipping left marks permanently and therefore affected the ladies psycologically
Also a lady pictured below went to court to stop the department from administering punishment after she received more than the required number of strokes.
"The strokes were severe and I cried all through, They awarded 15. I still have marks and could not sit properly for 2 weeks", said the 35 year old lady as she sobbed. She had been charged with assult after she strapped a woman neighbor after a dispute.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

5 lashes with a riding crop, 2 additional from the husband

In a remote village in some African town, a woman was sentenced to five lashes for dressing indecently after her photo, in which she had worn tight jeans, emerged in public. She had secretly been photographed on vacation far away from her town of residence. She says she did not expect the photo to be disclosed since she was far away from the conservative city.

Eva, a local journalist, visited her and she confirmed for sure the lashes had been awarded.

"Her buttocks have 5 clear welts. She was actually 'spanked' with a riding crop and she is repentant and vowed not to wear indecently again", said Eva.

The 34 year old mother of a 9 year old, girl, said it was a mistake that she would never repeat.

In the local town, once a woman has been flogged, the husband should give a similar number of lashes at home to finish the sentence. The local woman leader was quoted as saying that they would plead with the husband to reduce the strokes to two since she had apologized to the public. When asked if they would recommend the remaining lashes by the husband to be on her back, She replied and said the buttocks are the best target suitable for the offense.