Sunday, 17 February 2013

My husband started spanking me

Yesterday, when i came from work, I was annoyed and frustrated. Nothing had worked out at my place of work. I felt angry.
Martin, my husband came an hour later. He was tired and just wanted a hot cup of tea. He at first asked me to bring it really hot and since i was lost in my thoughts i never heard. I was gazing blankly at the TV set. He repeated again, a bit loudly. I saw as if it was arrogant of him to demand for a cup of tea and i unconsciously responded by asking him to behave like a grown up!! He flipped and asked me to mind my words.

"Fuck you!, I responded" It was the devil that was talking in me. I focused all anger I had towards him. After that statement, he stood up and asked me to repeat just what i had said! I couldn't just say it again. I knew already it was bad enough. 
"Okay, am sorry but you didn't have to ask in such a harsh manner", i responded.
"That doesn't justify you calling me words that are unmentionable!! Not in my house"

Without a warning he slapped me and before i could know really what was happening he told me to go upstairs and strip nude. "Today will be the day of reckoning," he said
I was somewhat scared. I had never seen him this angry. I knew i would be beaten and beaten badly.

I walked up the stairs and knew this was it. I opened the door. i was already in tears but at the same time i was remorseful. i remove my tight jeans and was left with my pants only. I then removed my sweater and then my bra. I sat at the edge of the bed just sobbing. I wondered what had happened to me lately. I had extreme mood swings and talked the way i felt. I surely didn't want my marriage with Martin going to the drains and I loved him. Even if he beat me up, I still would try to make it work. And after all it was me who had started all this.

He opened the door and I could see his tall figure. I couldn't help but notice the thick belt he was holding. "Six strokes is what you will get, Not one less not one more" , he shouted.

"Kindly lay across the bed on your stomach, and please remove those panties", he shouted. 
I did as he instructed and didnt waste any time. I awaited for the first stroke. I had never been spanked before.

THWACK! The blow was a blinding flash of pain across my rump. I could barely keep still. My ass was quivering and I realized I was sweating profusely. I let out the air I was holding in a sudden woosh. I gulped oxygen and prayed this would be over soon.

THWACK! The second stroke was even worse. Harder, if I wasn't deceiving myself, and better positioned. It fell right across the lower portion of my butt, right above the thighs. It felt like someone had laid a red-hot poker across my ass.

"How many are those dear?"

"T-Two!" I gasped.

"Good. Please keep count for me. You know I'm terrible with numbers."

THWACK! "Three!" THWACK! "Hmmmfourmmm!" THWACK! "FIVE!!!"

"Good dear, just one more." I began to sob at this point, the agony of my buttocks unbearable. I didn't see any possible way I could manage the last one. I could already feel the welts across my buttocks.

THWACK! "Six!" It hurt like hell but somehow it wasn't so bad. The pain had reached a sort of peak

"Well that enough, stand up and dress up"

He stood up and left. I surely wouldn't be talking badly any time soon. I put on my night gown but didn't put on the panties. After i had composed my self, i went down stairs

I wonder how ladies say they are spanked with 10 strokes without causing a fuss. Are those mere taps. I literally thought my ass was on fire from just those 6 strokes and to say the truth Martin hadn't put full force on them!!


  1. A good, non-nonsense husband. This is what every immature person should get for cussing. Cussing in society, should be viewed as if a speeding ticket. There should be offices set up where the ticketed person is sent to make the due payment. He or she not bring any money, only their butt! The society would become much more well-manered in a decade if there was such policy in every state of the country!!

    1. God can I barrow him but it will take more then 6 measly belting to correct me.

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    3. i want to get atleast 100 spankinga by him so harsh

  2. Incidentally, this should also be caseb for all petty and minor delinquent acts! All shoplifters, stowaways, habitual drunks, liers, etc. should be sent to such houses of punishment, rather than to prisons at taxpayers expense!

    1. I think much of societies problems would be solved if they brought back public spankings in the town square. Wives should always obey their husbands or have the whole town see them stripped, tied to a pole and spaked harshly.

  3. You people are idiots! And that husband spanking his wife... What a scumbag! He should have been exposed to the same kind of treatment!

    1. And you can keep your fat trap shut. You are proof that women need to be spanked. So please HUSH!

  4. She got what she needed and deserved. Her husband loves her enough to correct her bad behavior. Every household needs a leader and spanking works.

  5. My husband gave me 200 with his belt for texting and driving won't be doing that again anytime soon

  6. Replies
    1. HUSH and stay out of it. You need one now for being a brat.

  7. At the high school lever it is time for both boys and girls to know the penalty for misbehaving. Teachers give detention and it has no effect. If they assigned spanking to be done at school assembly every week both boys and girls would think twice before disobeying knowing they would be made to strip totally naked in front of all their friends and be tied to a rack to receive their spanking. They would have their faces so everyone could see them cry as they were being punished with the number of spanks the teachers assigned. They would be made to stand humiliated in front of the assembly with absolutely no chance to cover up. Shame should be displayed.

  8. Now why in the hell would you think that's a great idea you prick

  9. I did something my husband told me not to do without him there. I had to confess it to him later because I felt guilty about it. He is out of town but will be home in two days. When he gets home he is going to spank me. What? He has never done that before and I am scared. Yikes!