Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Humiliating Spanking As An Adult Woman

Okay, for all of you who don't know me, I am a lady in my mid 30's with a very keen interest in spanking. In all my relationships am submissive. well the world taught me to be this. I was brought up in a very strict house hold where the rod was never spared and when I reached 18, I had to go and work as a maid to earn money. In this blog, I will be detailing my experiences and which are quite many during my adulthood.

In my next post I will tell you more about myself.

Anyway, All the whipping I have ever received, shaped my thoughts and made me have a thing for spanking. In the household i Used to work in, corporal punishment was used but I never once saw myself as an adult being whipped. I tried to avoid anything that would lead to a punishment. But as fate would have it, I would be whipped sooner than later.

One of my worst humiliating whipping was when I was 25 and working at a local farm owned by some wealthy middle aged couple.

I was sent to go fetch the strap. And in my thinking I was like, "really, am I not too old to be beaten?" I had just lost my temper and called the woman a hoe.

She silently took the strap from me and ordered me to bend forward across the side of the settee. This was a slight distance from the others, for which I was grateful, but the position was still humiliating, my face and breasts pressed against cushions. Still silent, her expression stern, the Mistress lifted my skirt and bade me to hold it in place, awkward as this was, my arms reaching behind me to press it against my back.

Then the Mistress began to disrobe me, pulling down my bloomers and knickers until only my bare flesh was exposed. My face smarted with shame and tears as I heard the Master approach, quietly asking, "Is this really necessary, my dear?" I held my breath. Could he save me? Would he save me?

"It is absolutely necessary," responded my Mistress. "We cannot allow such recklessness to go unpunished, and she shall be all the better for it, you will see. Having it in front of our guests will only enhance the punishment," she added coyly, "and besides, they might find it amusing."

Her husband shrugged. "Well, you know I leave household affairs for you to run as you see fit," he said, and then returned to the others, conferring with them with soft tones. All three soon sat back down and waited, watching. I could feel their eyes on me, though I dared not turn my head. I could see the Husband most clearly, and he did not appear the least put out by my predicament; he appeared almost jovial, in fact, and rather pleased.

Meantime I lay sprawled in shame across the sofa arm, my naked buttocks and legs exposed for everyone, the Mistress standing tall and dark and fearsome beside me, the deadly leather strap in her hand as she smiled at me, caressing my butt cheeks with it softly.

With that, I knew I was doomed. There was no way I was going to get away with a few token strokes to appease her guests or her own evil desires. No, I would be taken the full distance, given a long, thorough whipping that I would not fail to remember for days.

My face was turned away from the fire, and so partially concealed in the gloomy room, and I licked my dry lips and waited. The first stroke took my breath away. It was so sharp, such a fine, thin pain, that I was surprised. The strap appeared to be quite wide and thick, and yet the pain was very focused, precise. Again came the strap, this time causing me to suck air into my mouth with a sharp hiss. I could feel the twin bands of heat across my buttocks, both cheeks vibrating slightly with the impact of the blows. The pain made me suddenly very conscious of my bottom: the delicate curves of plump flesh, the slender crack between my cheeks, and dark secrets buried beneath.

I quivered with the next few blows, amazed at the sting. Tears filled my eyes and I could not help crying. The strokes seemed to get harder now, and faster, and my whole bottom seemed to be burning with pain. I wiggled and writhed as the whipping continued, no longer caring much what the men saw between my legs. So they would watch me dance. Would they see anything they had not seen already?

I was horrified and ashamed, of course, but a naughty part of me felt rather evilly delighted. I could feel a dampness growing between my legs as I thought of them watching, and when the strap struck me I is gasped for air and lost chain of my thoughts

The Mistress had carefully laid parallel stripes full across both cheeks, so now she concentrated on unpunished areas, actually bringing the strap upward to strike at the base of my rump.

After a ten or so strokes of this she began working on my legs, striping my thighs all around.

The strap was furious now, lashing down again and again at lightning speed, my bottom churning in the air as I groveled with my face in the cushions and begged for mercy. I finally began to cry out loud, weeping and begging the Mistress to stop. This seemed to please her, and after a few more cruel lashes, she stopped. I collapsed on the couch for a moment, but then she ordered me to my feet. I was humiliated and in tears.
I pulled up my drawers and gingerly walked to the kitchen where Anna , my friend maid hugged me closely and told me it would be okay. I began having spanking fantasies so that i would forget such moments.

The Mistress also got whipped often, and from then I hated her and never had any mercy when her ass was walloped.


  1. You must admit that what you called the lady of the house (a whore) you deserved to be corporally punished, and rightly so. It is my belief if a woman, whatever age is naughty, she deserves to be corporally punished. You were, so you got a good strapping on your bare derriere. Plus the humiliation of men seeing your very private sexual parts of your body.

  2. at least she should have whipped my poor ass in the privates.. I hate to remember that day!!! If I had a chance I would have whipped her too. especially on that big ass which am sure 90% percent of the time had no drawers...

  3. this was copied from a story called Justine!

  4. sorry, i don't know of such a story called justine but i would appreciate if gave me links to that story, i love such..

  5. I enjoyed reading your story you deserved a good spanking

    Being a zoologist and having at last my visa to go and study in Poland to see the " european Buffaloes,Bears and Wolves,I landed at the most remote and lonley place in the country!being finaly met by 2 ladies very strong in appereance with large shoulders ,long arms and big hands,allthough in their 50's they seemed to me as "plowing horses"!On arriving I unpacked my things and straight away I was told not to wear the clothes I had taken,and I was handed an outfit like thiers ( by the way they were FOREST Rangers and wore a military camouflge clothing + black leather military belts and hooked suspenders with big buckles in the front,so I was told to put that on next morning.We then had supper with tea and black bread with ham,and I washed and they handed me a sleeping gown ,wich was a grey sackcloth buttoned in front,to sleep,and we all sleeped in the same room,,Even them changing themselves in front of me naked !,and I had to do also ( wich I did not like:),So in the morning One of the sisters opened at 6 o'clock in the morning the curtain and me not getting up they took me out of bed and we took off our gowns and put on ( allways naked before),our military outfit ,even the sisters helping me out with that leather harness and pulling on the buckles real tight !.we walked in that morning 25km and finaly fell upon a herd of bufoloes and telling me to keep quite and pulling me by the strap of my harness to stay put or else thet would charge us!,and I took the photos ,then on our way back we stopped at a big lake Where I took another couple of shots and there were MARGOSCHATA and NATUSCHKA unclothing and being naked threw themselves in the water and me gazing at this they told me ( thet spoke english), come on in with us ,I answerd naked ,why yes of course And don't be so shy,and I did it was so hot,and I went in backwards but slipped and them laughing shouted out" oh your penis is small your penis is small"Then swiming thet came clinging on to me,and their huge breasts covered up my face!,We finally came out and drying ourselves with the same big towel, one of the sisters literaly threw herself on me and started masturbatig me very hardly ( what power they had!),and then errecting and placing her breasts for me to suck them " she impaled herself on my penis,and relieved her other sister came on me too!,but puffed out it was small again so the other one took out of her sack a "knout" a wooden handle with 6 ropes about 1metre long and with knots on the ends and thet turned me over and whipping me as hard as they can I cried out "please stop,wich they did and threatening me again the other sister naked showing me the " knout", said "satisfy my sister or you'll be whipped again, and this time I managed to satisfiy her too, then putting her whip back in her sack we dressed up again but during my stay I did take excellent photos but I again received excellent "knout" whippings ,letting alone ,I was their little toy ...when I left that place I was really exsausted after 3 weeks of this regime!!

  7. Lucky u was not spanked bare bottom with hairbrush over the knee before tho strap that's humiliating in front of other people have done this but then it am so strict!!

  8. Lucky u was not spanked bare bottom with hairbrush over the knee before tho strap that's humiliating in front of other people have done this but then it am so strict!!

  9. I've been spanked over a chair or across my husband's knees. It is very embarrassing. I begin with panties on and he makes me take them down during my spanking. He has done it privately and in front of two of my friends. I invited two girlfriends over thinking I'd avoid the spanking. He told them I had a spanking coming and they could leave or stay.

  10. My husband spanks me also. I always have to remove everything from the waist down, lay across a desk and spread my legs. He then uses a hairbrush on my cheeks. It is usually private, but he has done it before several of my girlfriends who know I'm spanked. That worse because it's humiliating and because they urge him to give me more spanks.

    1. I wonder why other women witnessing a spanking tend t side with the spanker and not with the spankee. As long as other women treat women being spanked hard n their bare bottoms as a laughing matter, it is difficult for husbands to think they do something wrong when they spank their wife.

  11. I work at a small stables and the owner has to be addressed as Sir if you want to work for him you have to sign a form accepting corporal punishment with 25 cane strokes the most you will get at any one time I have taken 25 loads of time it's actually great fun most of the girls get punished every week

  12. Wow! Sounds harsh 25 cane strokes every week not much time for your bottoms to recover till the next week it sounds if y all have a permanently a hot bottom!!!

  13. Naughty adult women need to be spanked and caned when nessacary but I would say that I can be a very strict disiplinaraine!!