Monday, 18 February 2013

Her Husband Strapped Her

A young woman witnesses the strapping of her aunt, Perrin.

She stood in front of everyone and the guilt in her face could be seen. I really was wondering what her stern husband would do. But it became clear once i saw the strap in his hands

She had been caught cheating on him with another man. despite that, i didn't expect the husband to use corporal punishment. i was now shocked that he held a strap. Everyone in the house had been called to witness. It would be a humiliating punishment. From the 18 year old bedroom cleaner to the oldest serving maid. She was going to be spanked and spanked hard in front of everyone.

I would also get to see her large unclothed ass. I had mixed feelings

Without wasting time, he ordered her to strip naked and lay across the sought of bench/bed that had been used to award previous punishments.

It was mainly used as a bed when there were many guests in the house.

As she stripped, she could barely hold her tears.  

Once she finished, she lay on her stomach slowly sobbing and awaiting her punishment. Her ass could take the 20 lashes without much overlapping. she had to hold the bar at the end of the bench and not release it.

The punishment commenced with the first stroke.

The soft flesh was compressed as the lash created its own flattened groove for a brief millisecond before it was snatched away. As the buttocks sprang back a white band appeared that, almost immediately turned to pink then vivid red. By this time the pain had reached Perrin's mind and she gasped, with head held back frantically gripping the handhold. The next four strokes followed quickly so that the buttocks were still bouncing from the previous lash as the next struck home. Then James's concentration moved to the lower, bruised area.

Four rapid lashes were laid on with the James grunting with effort on each one. Perrin had expected the area to be tender and it most certainly was. Her head was held back, her plump face was bright red, eyes tightly shut and her lips pulled back as she forced her hands to grip the rail. She had laid flat across the bed. A loud groan of pain and despair echoed round the room.
Four more times James laid on the heavy strap to sizzle down on to the earlier weals on the top two thirds of the shaking buttocks. Unbelievably Perrin managed to hold her grip.
There was a pause. 

 "You will surely nor repeat that again", said James
She had been caught with a man the prevous night and james wasn't going to take it as if nothing had happened. She called everyone in the house to witness the punishment of his 33 year old wife.

She lay three hard ones in quick succession. Sadly for Perrin they were across the welted bruises at the very bottom of her buttocks. It was beyond reason to expect anyone to remain in control and Perrin leapt upright clutching her nates, rubbing them furiously. Tears ran down her pink face as she sobbed her heart out. Instead of sympathy on the faces of the house staff, there was outright disgust and contempt at her behaviour. 

" Once again Perrin, your inability to control yourself is going to require further punishment.  Perrin!, grip that edge of the bed with your hands and don't let go this time."
Once again James swung the strap above his left shoulder, then it was brought down over the woman's upper thighs with a solid "thwack." Somehow, Perrin managed to hold on to the bar. The strap was raised again and held suspended. Anyone doubting the effort James was applying to the task could see for herself the sweat patch under his armpit. Down it came again but this time across the upper part of the buttocks. Suddenly, the third stroke slashed in across the lower quarter, just above the thighs.
Perrin screamed and threshed around bed. By a superhuman effort, boosted only by the fear of the strapping being repeated once more, her grip of the bar held fast. James waited a full two minutes in the hope that her resolve would break and the hands would let go. Finally he announced:

"Punishment completed."


  1. 20?? really?? twenty?? and "punishment completed" for betraying him atrociously.

    This seriously makes me question the credibility of the author, even if it is just fiction.

    Should be more like 20 in the morning and 20 at night for 2 weeks!! Hell make it a month!

  2. Nice story well written I would have warmed her bottom first with a hard bare bottom OTK hairbrush spanking first it would add to the humiliation being spanked in public then soundly give her a strapping I know this is an old post but just seen it!!