Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Humiliating Spanking As An Adult Woman

Okay, for all of you who don't know me, I am a lady in my mid 30's with a very keen interest in spanking. In all my relationships am submissive. well the world taught me to be this. I was brought up in a very strict house hold where the rod was never spared and when I reached 18, I had to go and work as a maid to earn money. In this blog, I will be detailing my experiences and which are quite many during my adulthood.

In my next post I will tell you more about myself.

Anyway, All the whipping I have ever received, shaped my thoughts and made me have a thing for spanking. In the household i Used to work in, corporal punishment was used but I never once saw myself as an adult being whipped. I tried to avoid anything that would lead to a punishment. But as fate would have it, I would be whipped sooner than later.

One of my worst humiliating whipping was when I was 25 and working at a local farm owned by some wealthy middle aged couple.

I was sent to go fetch the strap. And in my thinking I was like, "really, am I not too old to be beaten?" I had just lost my temper and called the woman a hoe.

She silently took the strap from me and ordered me to bend forward across the side of the settee. This was a slight distance from the others, for which I was grateful, but the position was still humiliating, my face and breasts pressed against cushions. Still silent, her expression stern, the Mistress lifted my skirt and bade me to hold it in place, awkward as this was, my arms reaching behind me to press it against my back.

Then the Mistress began to disrobe me, pulling down my bloomers and knickers until only my bare flesh was exposed. My face smarted with shame and tears as I heard the Master approach, quietly asking, "Is this really necessary, my dear?" I held my breath. Could he save me? Would he save me?

"It is absolutely necessary," responded my Mistress. "We cannot allow such recklessness to go unpunished, and she shall be all the better for it, you will see. Having it in front of our guests will only enhance the punishment," she added coyly, "and besides, they might find it amusing."

Her husband shrugged. "Well, you know I leave household affairs for you to run as you see fit," he said, and then returned to the others, conferring with them with soft tones. All three soon sat back down and waited, watching. I could feel their eyes on me, though I dared not turn my head. I could see the Husband most clearly, and he did not appear the least put out by my predicament; he appeared almost jovial, in fact, and rather pleased.

Meantime I lay sprawled in shame across the sofa arm, my naked buttocks and legs exposed for everyone, the Mistress standing tall and dark and fearsome beside me, the deadly leather strap in her hand as she smiled at me, caressing my butt cheeks with it softly.

With that, I knew I was doomed. There was no way I was going to get away with a few token strokes to appease her guests or her own evil desires. No, I would be taken the full distance, given a long, thorough whipping that I would not fail to remember for days.

My face was turned away from the fire, and so partially concealed in the gloomy room, and I licked my dry lips and waited. The first stroke took my breath away. It was so sharp, such a fine, thin pain, that I was surprised. The strap appeared to be quite wide and thick, and yet the pain was very focused, precise. Again came the strap, this time causing me to suck air into my mouth with a sharp hiss. I could feel the twin bands of heat across my buttocks, both cheeks vibrating slightly with the impact of the blows. The pain made me suddenly very conscious of my bottom: the delicate curves of plump flesh, the slender crack between my cheeks, and dark secrets buried beneath.

I quivered with the next few blows, amazed at the sting. Tears filled my eyes and I could not help crying. The strokes seemed to get harder now, and faster, and my whole bottom seemed to be burning with pain. I wiggled and writhed as the whipping continued, no longer caring much what the men saw between my legs. So they would watch me dance. Would they see anything they had not seen already?

I was horrified and ashamed, of course, but a naughty part of me felt rather evilly delighted. I could feel a dampness growing between my legs as I thought of them watching, and when the strap struck me I is gasped for air and lost chain of my thoughts

The Mistress had carefully laid parallel stripes full across both cheeks, so now she concentrated on unpunished areas, actually bringing the strap upward to strike at the base of my rump.

After a ten or so strokes of this she began working on my legs, striping my thighs all around.

The strap was furious now, lashing down again and again at lightning speed, my bottom churning in the air as I groveled with my face in the cushions and begged for mercy. I finally began to cry out loud, weeping and begging the Mistress to stop. This seemed to please her, and after a few more cruel lashes, she stopped. I collapsed on the couch for a moment, but then she ordered me to my feet. I was humiliated and in tears.
I pulled up my drawers and gingerly walked to the kitchen where Anna , my friend maid hugged me closely and told me it would be okay. I began having spanking fantasies so that i would forget such moments.

The Mistress also got whipped often, and from then I hated her and never had any mercy when her ass was walloped.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Her Husband Strapped Her

A young woman witnesses the strapping of her aunt, Perrin.

She stood in front of everyone and the guilt in her face could be seen. I really was wondering what her stern husband would do. But it became clear once i saw the strap in his hands

She had been caught cheating on him with another man. despite that, i didn't expect the husband to use corporal punishment. i was now shocked that he held a strap. Everyone in the house had been called to witness. It would be a humiliating punishment. From the 18 year old bedroom cleaner to the oldest serving maid. She was going to be spanked and spanked hard in front of everyone.

I would also get to see her large unclothed ass. I had mixed feelings

Without wasting time, he ordered her to strip naked and lay across the sought of bench/bed that had been used to award previous punishments.

It was mainly used as a bed when there were many guests in the house.

As she stripped, she could barely hold her tears.  

Once she finished, she lay on her stomach slowly sobbing and awaiting her punishment. Her ass could take the 20 lashes without much overlapping. she had to hold the bar at the end of the bench and not release it.

The punishment commenced with the first stroke.

The soft flesh was compressed as the lash created its own flattened groove for a brief millisecond before it was snatched away. As the buttocks sprang back a white band appeared that, almost immediately turned to pink then vivid red. By this time the pain had reached Perrin's mind and she gasped, with head held back frantically gripping the handhold. The next four strokes followed quickly so that the buttocks were still bouncing from the previous lash as the next struck home. Then James's concentration moved to the lower, bruised area.

Four rapid lashes were laid on with the James grunting with effort on each one. Perrin had expected the area to be tender and it most certainly was. Her head was held back, her plump face was bright red, eyes tightly shut and her lips pulled back as she forced her hands to grip the rail. She had laid flat across the bed. A loud groan of pain and despair echoed round the room.
Four more times James laid on the heavy strap to sizzle down on to the earlier weals on the top two thirds of the shaking buttocks. Unbelievably Perrin managed to hold her grip.
There was a pause. 

 "You will surely nor repeat that again", said James
She had been caught with a man the prevous night and james wasn't going to take it as if nothing had happened. She called everyone in the house to witness the punishment of his 33 year old wife.

She lay three hard ones in quick succession. Sadly for Perrin they were across the welted bruises at the very bottom of her buttocks. It was beyond reason to expect anyone to remain in control and Perrin leapt upright clutching her nates, rubbing them furiously. Tears ran down her pink face as she sobbed her heart out. Instead of sympathy on the faces of the house staff, there was outright disgust and contempt at her behaviour. 

" Once again Perrin, your inability to control yourself is going to require further punishment.  Perrin!, grip that edge of the bed with your hands and don't let go this time."
Once again James swung the strap above his left shoulder, then it was brought down over the woman's upper thighs with a solid "thwack." Somehow, Perrin managed to hold on to the bar. The strap was raised again and held suspended. Anyone doubting the effort James was applying to the task could see for herself the sweat patch under his armpit. Down it came again but this time across the upper part of the buttocks. Suddenly, the third stroke slashed in across the lower quarter, just above the thighs.
Perrin screamed and threshed around bed. By a superhuman effort, boosted only by the fear of the strapping being repeated once more, her grip of the bar held fast. James waited a full two minutes in the hope that her resolve would break and the hands would let go. Finally he announced:

"Punishment completed."

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My husband started spanking me

Yesterday, when i came from work, I was annoyed and frustrated. Nothing had worked out at my place of work. I felt angry.
Martin, my husband came an hour later. He was tired and just wanted a hot cup of tea. He at first asked me to bring it really hot and since i was lost in my thoughts i never heard. I was gazing blankly at the TV set. He repeated again, a bit loudly. I saw as if it was arrogant of him to demand for a cup of tea and i unconsciously responded by asking him to behave like a grown up!! He flipped and asked me to mind my words.

"Fuck you!, I responded" It was the devil that was talking in me. I focused all anger I had towards him. After that statement, he stood up and asked me to repeat just what i had said! I couldn't just say it again. I knew already it was bad enough. 
"Okay, am sorry but you didn't have to ask in such a harsh manner", i responded.
"That doesn't justify you calling me words that are unmentionable!! Not in my house"

Without a warning he slapped me and before i could know really what was happening he told me to go upstairs and strip nude. "Today will be the day of reckoning," he said
I was somewhat scared. I had never seen him this angry. I knew i would be beaten and beaten badly.

I walked up the stairs and knew this was it. I opened the door. i was already in tears but at the same time i was remorseful. i remove my tight jeans and was left with my pants only. I then removed my sweater and then my bra. I sat at the edge of the bed just sobbing. I wondered what had happened to me lately. I had extreme mood swings and talked the way i felt. I surely didn't want my marriage with Martin going to the drains and I loved him. Even if he beat me up, I still would try to make it work. And after all it was me who had started all this.

He opened the door and I could see his tall figure. I couldn't help but notice the thick belt he was holding. "Six strokes is what you will get, Not one less not one more" , he shouted.

"Kindly lay across the bed on your stomach, and please remove those panties", he shouted. 
I did as he instructed and didnt waste any time. I awaited for the first stroke. I had never been spanked before.

THWACK! The blow was a blinding flash of pain across my rump. I could barely keep still. My ass was quivering and I realized I was sweating profusely. I let out the air I was holding in a sudden woosh. I gulped oxygen and prayed this would be over soon.

THWACK! The second stroke was even worse. Harder, if I wasn't deceiving myself, and better positioned. It fell right across the lower portion of my butt, right above the thighs. It felt like someone had laid a red-hot poker across my ass.

"How many are those dear?"

"T-Two!" I gasped.

"Good. Please keep count for me. You know I'm terrible with numbers."

THWACK! "Three!" THWACK! "Hmmmfourmmm!" THWACK! "FIVE!!!"

"Good dear, just one more." I began to sob at this point, the agony of my buttocks unbearable. I didn't see any possible way I could manage the last one. I could already feel the welts across my buttocks.

THWACK! "Six!" It hurt like hell but somehow it wasn't so bad. The pain had reached a sort of peak

"Well that enough, stand up and dress up"

He stood up and left. I surely wouldn't be talking badly any time soon. I put on my night gown but didn't put on the panties. After i had composed my self, i went down stairs

I wonder how ladies say they are spanked with 10 strokes without causing a fuss. Are those mere taps. I literally thought my ass was on fire from just those 6 strokes and to say the truth Martin hadn't put full force on them!!

The Inmate Whipping

A retired woman guard narrates the first whipping she ever awarded to a convict at a woman's correctional institute

She was simply dressed and entered the room being escorted by some policewoman. 
The policewoman looked at me awkwardly, as though sensing our shared reluctance to cause this woman the pain to which she had been sentenced. But it had to be done.She was given the instruction to remove all her clothes. She chatted and smiled as she undressed.

I was young and  had been tasked with whipping this inmate. I was barely 22 years old but much was expected of me.

When she was standing before us completely naked. I was quite surprised by her appearance. The rather thick waist suited her. She was a solid  woman with good proportions. Her legs were muscular, but very shapely. She did have a reasonable shape to her waist and its thickness rather seemed to compliment her large breasts. She was really a very attractive woman in the nude

She had been sentenced to a minimum of ten strokes with the cane. Once I turned her around and viewed her bottom, I saw that she would have little problem in taking her punishment, It was nice shapely bottom, but ten strokes wouldn't make too much impression upon a bottom of that size. She was 36 years old.

Even as we led her over to the whipping bench and fastened her into position, she continued to converse.
I began to wonder if she would keep it up whilst I was thrashing her.

She was still bubbling on about feeling like a naughty school girl when I laid on the first stroke. Her nates contracted sharply, and she let out a squeal. The squeal seemed to be more in amusement than anything else.

The conversation stopped. She lay there silently awaiting the next stroke. I didn't keep her waiting too long, and swung it just under the mark of the first. It seemed to lift her bottom forward, and again she squealed.

My feelings of misgivings had completely vanished. I now intended to have this woman screaming for mercy before i had finished with her. The fourth stroke saw her bottom bouncing around in great concern, and the gasp just about choked her.

The fifth she began to struggle violently, as the cane began to really sting her bottom. She yelped.

I moved to the other side and she waited patiently for me to take up my new position. There was never a word from her as lay there waiting.

Quickly following one stroke after another, I applied the seventh, eighth and ninth cuts. Contact of each  brought shriller cries, until the desired and long awaited scream came as soon as the ninth was upon her waggling bottom. it was loud and ear splitting.

I then waited for her to settle down and applied the tenth and final stroke. This produced a second scream, as it burned across her big shaking bottom and the punishment was over.

I always wondered whether the bespectacled woman judge knew the exact implication of awarding ten strokes to a lady's behinds. or whether she knew that it reduced grown women to eleven year old's howling and asking for mercy. But it was a sentence awarded to violent women.

I admired the living pattern of welts swelling across her bottom, in a nearly woven pattern, with five stripes spread much wider, curving down each flank.
The victim sniffed a few times as she lay awaiting release, and there were tears in her eyes as we unfastened her.

The mature nude began dressing herself.

When I was a girl , I remember mature ladies in the salon saying how they would hate to be arrested and caned on their large butts.  I was really surprised that once they got arrested, their large behinds would more likely be spanked and somehow I found that so erotic. but now here I was whipping such grown women offenders.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


I am 29 year old lady working for a new york based firm.
I had a very memorable day. At around 10am in the morning our new 24 year old lady boss called for a meeting to discuss the launch of our new product. We attended the 10 of us in our department. She had earlier on told us to research in advance specific topics. Unfortunately, for my part I wasn't able. In the meeting, it was apparent i hadn't done my assignment. I couldn't answer any question. She told me to remain behind after guys had left.

"Anne, why didn't you take your time and research?", asked the boss. "Is it that you don't respect me? or what. Am gettinG fed up. If I see such behavior again, i will whip you!! I will whip your ass raw you will not able to seat down".  I believed her since she never gave a shit, she never was scared of cases against her. She was big and she knew whenever she had walloped some behind, no one was brave to go and expose their weals.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Punishment Ordeals

This e-book explains vividly on how punishment is awarded in africa & other places across the world secretly and without discrimination. it is based on real life accounts. In most cases it is applied to the hind quarters of the victim. it is humiliating and most women keep silent not ever telling anyone and only weals can tell the story. Most women from africa have been blessed  with large behinds and will act different under chastitment. The stories have accompanying pictures that were aparently taken.Just for $2.99. Email and secure a copy.
You will not regret

"Grown up women cry"

Covered Sections

1) Domestic punishment

 a)'The odd one out'
-  a polygomous man punishes her 3rd wife for rumor mongoring

 b)'Never late again' mother teaches her daughter the importance of time keeping.
 c)'Too old to be punished?'
 - A maid who disobeys,finds the lady owner in a bad mood, she is strapped and dismissed from work in the presence of her daughters.

2)Gang punishment & mob

 a)'The Neighbour'
 -a woman is stripped and whipped by a woman neighbour for being unable to pay her debt.
 b) The Example
 - 2 couples are sentenced and punished for noise disturbance in a village
 c) Cruel justice.
 - a woman is punished by angry mob after her friend steals and escapes leaving her behind.

3) Students & School

 a) Shameful act
 female students are caught playing the game, 'loosen up' and are punished.

 b) Unsuccessfull plan
 a group of women college students try to burn down the hostel but to no success. they are caught,  grilled and punished by police officers, parents inside the college premises

4) Prison Stories
 'Women correction', a couple of women are whipped for various offences.

 'The interview' - a local prison recruits young ladies in their early 20's to be trained as wardens. They need to prove themselves. They end up holding the strap and using it!!!

 'The release'
  To ease congestion in a local female prison, offenders are offered a deal. 4 strokes for every year sentenced! three quarter take take up the deal.

from the book
Stella, a 31 year old business executive.

Stella is submissive and still believes in corporal punishment by the husband and also among her female friends & business rivals.
Get full story in 'Punishments Ordeal '

E Book! $2.99!! Tears, Humiliation, Pain and Repentance

"Real life photos taken from victims and ordeals based on real life accounts"
The author gives story accounts as narrated by witnesses, victims and cane wielders. All stories are accompanied by real photos. 

Punishment Ordeal gives
stories as they were.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


After interrogation
picture of Hellen: better days
35 years old hellen confesses of drugs trafficking and says she is sorry and will never do it again.

Hellen: I was whipped,made to confess and apologize to the authorities. I am grateful am not in prison.
Judy: How many strokes did they give you? and was it on the bare      
Hellen: around nine. they were all on my bare buttocks and partly the thighs.
Judy: Were they painful. 
Hellen: yes.. I started crying by the 3rd stroke and pleading.
Judy: who was whipping you?
Hellen: one of the lady officers.
Judy: So you had drugs.
Hellen: yeah i had drugs but i will never do that again. The whip can kill you.
Judy: Okay thank you for your time.

Monday, 4 February 2013

In Africa

Just thought if this ladies were arraigned in a village court in Africa and charged, they would end up with a very sore ass

I have seen it being administered
Each of you would receive at least five strokes.

A lady officer would use her strap on your behind and believe me by the 3rd stroke you would be reduced to tears.

It was a day of reckoning for two lesbians, Aisha Yusha'u, 28, and Hauwa Haliru, 24, in Kaduna last Tuesday when they each received 20 strokes of the cane at the premises of the Upper Shari'a Court, Dutse in Tudun Wada area not far from the main gate of the Kaduna Polytechnic. The two were also sentenced to a six months imprisonment without an option of fine and promptly taken to the Kaduna prison to commence their jail term after the strokes were administered on them.

Aisha and Hauwa were 'married', with Aisha being the 'husband' and Hauwa the 'wife'. Their union is frowned at by Shari'a law and the presiding judge, Alkali Mustapha Umar passed the sentence for going against Qur'anic injunctions.

This is what they would do in Congo. That is if it was a few decades ago
The chicotte was a vicous whip made out of raw, sun-dried hippopotamus hide, cut into a long sharp-edged cork-screw strip. It was applied to bare buttocks, and left permanent scars. Twenty strokes of it sent victims into unconsciousness; and a 100 or more strokes were often fatal. The chicotte was freely used by both Leopold's men and the French]. Both men and women could be punished with it.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Was Spanked, Wife Confesses..

Maria, our interviewer gets to talk to a local model, Jane, regarding her marriage, ups and downs. (Names have been changed)

Maria: Hi Jane, you look beautiful..
Jane: Thank you Maria, I am in a good mood and happy at this point in my life..
Maria: So, you have decided to come out and tell the world regarding your marriage life..
Jane: yeah sure, I have nothing to hide. All marriages have the ups and down and mine is not any different.
Maria: Tell me more, what makes you marriage tick...
Jane: There are lots of good things and experiences, I cant even mention all of them here. We love each other and we have toured the world and shared lots of good moments together. And that's the least.
Maria: What was your lowest moment in your marriage life?
Jane: it was when my husband found out I had an affair with a friend. (sighs and the smile disappears)
Maria: ooh that must have been bad,what happened then?
Jane: It was awful, he stopped talking to me and became cold
Maria: Did you regret about the whole affair?
Jane: Yeah, every sane person would feel guilty under such circumstances. I wish I had never cheated. It was the saddest week and it ended painfully..
Maria: What do you mean painfully?
Jane:  My husband was dull and we hardly slept in the same bed for the whole week. he used to wake up very early and go to work, then come back late drunk.
Maria: So you never ever got a chance to talk to him at all... did you try to apologize?
Jane: Yes, i tried but he wouldn't listen. I felt really bad. Then on Friday he came home with some visitors. They were familiar guests. They were local ladies who were our neighbors. He surprisingly introduced them to me in a low tone. I hated the way they looked at me. They did not look friendly.

"Can I get you something to drink?". Sure, came the reply from Amy. I stood and walked to the kitchen to prepare for them something to drink.

They were three of them, all middle aged. I came back with four glasses and a 1 liter bottle of cold coke soda. I served each one of them. As I was about to leave, Amy told me to wait a bit. She  asked me why i had cheated without mincing her words..

I looked at Paul surprised. Did he have to go to the length of telling those ladies about how i had cheated? i wondered. I was shocked. I just replied to her and said am sorry about the whole thing but i think it is inappropriate for her to put her nose in our business. "You need to be punished!", Amy told me. I was really surprised and agitated. I wondered who she was to come in and say what should happen to me. Emma stood up and took a short whip from her handbag and stood just behind me to prevent me from running in case i thought of doing so.

Amy also removed the belt from her jeans. Did they see an 11 year old? i wondered. No one hits me, not even my parents or husband.
Whack!! The resounding sound echoed through the room. There was sudden searing pain across my butt!  Emma had lashed the whip across my backside...
It was really painful, at the same time I was confused that such a thing was happening.

This must have been a bad dream. "Fuck you" ,I was deeply angered. I faced Emma and shouted at her while trying to massage my ass. I threatened Emmah and told her that if she try's to hit me again, i will retaliate.

I was angry.  Amy on the other side gave me a stroke across my backside with her belt. It was unbearable. It caught me unawares since I had been facing Emma. I  knew I had been set up. I had absolutely nothing inside just my tight pants. My buttocks were throbbing.

Maria: The strokes must have really hurt?

Jane: It was painful. I immediately tried to slap Amy after the second stroke but the third lady held me tightly. That's when they ganged up and beat me up like a small child.

Maria: Did they just beat you up everywhere or how did they beat you?

Jane: One forced me to lay across the sofa, on my stomach. Then Emma rained the lashes across my buttocks.

Maria: where was your husband then?

Jane:just in the room. silent and looking down. He too wanted the punishment. He wanted me to feel the pain so that i never repeat such a thing again. He later told me so

Maria: How many strokes did they end up giving you?
Jane: (with tears in her eyes). Like around 15. they would pause for like a minute and hit me, pause then hit me. They kept asking if i would ever repeat. Before the 6 stroke i was defiant and hardly replied but after that i was in tears. They had broken me. I apologized and asked them to stop. "I am sorry", I kept shouting through my sobs.

Maria: did you recover after  that?
Jane: yeah, definitely. I just had a sore ass for 2 weeks.

Maria: When you meet with those ladies, do you talk to them?
Jane: yeah. i have no hard feelings. I knew i did a wrong thing and the punishment ensured i no longer had any hard feelings.

Maria: and your husband.
Jane: we talk and i vowed never to cheat on him again. we are now great friends and lovers.
Maria: why did you cheat?
Jane: lets not go there. (laughs silently). sometimes we do things that we cannot handle the consequences